Sunday, October 11, 2015

Healing hand on ankle brings heat, healing - In Jesus - 10-11-2015

I went for a walk in the park today. I was filming some cute little dear deer (fawns) that were about 20 and 25 feet away from me. Some dude named Hugh rolled up beside me on his bike to watch too. He mentioned about seeing one little fawn killed just down the street from there a little while ago. So I asked him about pain or sickness in his body. He said "No, I'm a healthy man", but I persisted. "You don't have any re-occurring injury of some kind?" Then he mentioned about the pain in his left ankle, the side I was standing on. I asked "Can I show you something?" and he said "Sure." I bent over and told him "K, I'm just going to put my hand on it." then placed my hand over his ankle, paused for a couple seconds, then took my hand away and asked him how it was. He said "Huh, it's a bit better." I verified with him that he still felt some pain and he pointed out exactly where it was. I bent over and placed my hand on it again and in a couple seconds he said "You can really feel the warmth." I asked "How about now?" He said "It does feel a bit better, it does really." and laughed about it a bit. I asked him if he knew why that is. He asked why. I had one of my Saint Movement Life Team shirts on that has the hand on the front so I just pointed to the hand and said you see that hole? (I think the hole in the hand signifies the hole in Christ's hands). He said, "oh, the healing hand?" haha. I said ya, Jesus. He mentioned it was still a bit tender but definitely better than it was a minute ago. We talked for 15 more minutes about demons, God, salvation, obedience, and then I got to pray for his ankle one last time and he said there was no pain whatsoever now. He believed in the Lord but I knew he lacked a real daily walk with the Lord. I encouraged him that the Lord wants all of his heart. He had to go at that point. I thanked him for the talk and allowing me to pray for him. I filmed it all but wasn't pointing the camera anywhere interesting. Maybe I'll upload it anyway later. Glory to Jesus. Draw him to a fiery hot passionate love relationship with You, Lord! haha

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