Thursday, August 20, 2015

BBQ, Heat and Healing - In Jesus - 08-20-2015

Today we had a beautiful day for our company BBQ for the first part of our evening shift to attend to. We all were given 1 hour of paid time to attend, plus our half hour lunches. I thought that was pretty great. I had two burgers and some potato salad and some BBQ potato chips. Yum yum.

I sat with a few people and talked with them about various things. Nearing the end of the BBQ I spoke up about how I pray for people and Jesus heals them to a few of the people I was sitting with. One disappeared fairly quickly, as I shared a video testimony with another who I thought would be interested. It was the video testimony I have shared here on the blog where Mr. Beach was healed of 10/10 pain in his ACL/knee and then said he would like to follow Jesus. She listened to part of it up to where he talked about his knee pain and then mentioned how her knee was giving her problems too. After stumbling on my words a bit, haha, I eventually got out, "Well not after today it isn't going to." I quickly took the opportunity and obtained her permission, then laid my hand on her knee and commanded it to be healed in Jesus' name. She said she would only know if it was healed if she walked on it or went up stairs or something. I asked her to try it out anyway, maybe bend it a bit or something. She got up from our picnic table and tried to find the pain. She couldn't find it. She sat back down and I discussed a bit of the gospel with her and another co-worker who witnessed it and stuck around to hear the rest. It came time to go back to work and she mentioned after getting up about how she felt heat in her knee at one point, and get this, it wasn't when I prayed for it, it was after. After she had sat back down after testing it out and not finding pain, she said she initially felt a little tinge of pain just while sitting there, then all of the sudden heat came on it and the pain left completely. We walked back to work together and she walked up the stairs. She said no pain was felt in the knee Jesus just healed. She mentioned that her other knee actually had some pain in it too. So I commanded that one to be healed also. She mentioned to the other co-worker who stuck around and walked back with us, how for three months she was literally unable to walk up those stairs due to the pain. Glory to God!

When we got back into the office she shared what happened with another co-worker who I had previously offered to pray for in the past. This was quite a while ago though. After she heard what happened, she wanted me to pray for her this time. She came to my desk and I put my hand on her back and spoke to the pain and stress in her upper back and left arm and told it to go in Jesus' name. She said it was better so I did it one more time and she reported it even better yet. Haha. God is so good! He's even good in the workplace.

Don't be afraid. Step out of your comfort zone and let the Comforter do His job and manifest God's goodness to your co-workers. You may not get immediate results, as far as salvations, just like anywhere, but one thing is for sure, you will always be planting seeds. God bless you all and be encouraged!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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