Friday, March 14, 2014

Jesus, You need to get the glory that You paid for! - In Jesus - 03-14-2014

I had the privilege to see Jesus bring Himself glory today. I was out walking at lunch and recalling some moments in the past where He had done so, and was just thanking Him for using me in those situations. I said to Him, "Jesus, You need to receive the Glory that You paid for." Wanting to see Him use me again, just for that purpose.

Just then I saw a woman walking toward me and decided I was going to approach her and ask if she had any pain or sickness in her body and see Him get His glory. She did in fact have pain. She reported pain in her feet. I asked her if she could gauge the level from 1 to 10. It was at an 8 out of 10. She also said she was going to be going for surgery in a few days as she had lots of calluses that caused a lot of pain.

Without telling her why, I asked if I could have her hand for a moment. I am amazed at how many people around here are so willing to just give you their hand without even knowing why, haha. Well she did. With her hand in mine, I looked at her feet and with my other hand pointed at them and waved over them as if throw the power of God at them, and proceeded to commanded the pain to go from her in the name of Jesus Christ. I commanded the calluses to be removed and the tissues to soften up and be restored to normal. I commanded any spirits of pain and infirmity to go. Also declaring that Jesus is Lord, that He is good, that He loves her and wants her to be well and see His glory.

She reported that the pain was now down by half, a 4 out of 10. She seemed quite surprised, and thanked me. I asked to have her hand again and then proceeded to thank the Lord for what He was doing, and commanded the pain to go all the way.

She was now at a level of 1 out of 10. I told her that I believed it was going to continue to go completely away. But she didn't want any further prayer. She was very thankful and happy for what was already done. She said she knew the Lord as her Savior. I assured her that He was also her healer, and that just as He died on the cross for her sins, he also took her sicknesses and pains on Himself that day too. She said "Oh, ok." and it seemed almost as if she didn't know that. But I think she does now. haha! I introduced myself before going and asked her name too, it was Elsie. We said our goodbyes and I went on rejoicing in the Lord! haha! I love Him and love seeing Him touch someone in any way!

Jesus, You need to get the glory that You paid for! Thank You for using me!

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