Friday, March 07, 2014

I'm Yours, Lord - In Jesus - 03-07-2014

I was reading this little Christian Worker's New Testament that I found here in my building while sitting in the rotunda at work. There was a co-worker sitting near by. I had never shared my faith or anything about the Lord with him in the past. I thought in my mind *What could I do for him, Lord*. Right away I recalled a long time ago that I overheard him talking about back pain he had. I wanted to pray for him then but didn't feel the opportunity was ever right and I forgot about it. Well, I felt like God was telling me to do so now. I noticed my mind wanted to reject this. I unconsciously ignored the thought. I paused and thought *What am I doing? I would not have remembered this if it wasn't the Lord telling me.* I apologized to the Lord. I pondered, *Do I get up and go to him now?* I only thought this for a few seconds and then decided to get up and do it. I walked over to him and asked him about back pain. He confirmed that he did injure his back many years ago and does get pain from time to time. He asked why and I explained that I am a Christian and I pray for people and God heals them. I told him about many times where I have prayed for others who had back pain where before hand I would check their legs and find that one is shorter than the other and told him how I would command their shorter leg to grow out in Jesus' name and it would come out and they would be healed. He right away said, "You can pray for me." with a smile on his face.

I had him position himself in his seat with his back completely level against the back for chair. There was a coffee table right in front of him so I just slid that under his legs and let them rest there. We found that his right leg was shorter than the left by about 1/4 of an inch. I showed him. I proceeded to command his right leg to grow in Jesus' name. I spoke to it a number of times but it wasn't budging. After a bit, I moved the table out from under him and held his legs with my hands and prayed again. After praying for a few minutes there was no change.

His break was over and mine was almost over, so we had to head back. He did mention that his back felt better, even though it wasn't really sore before hand. I apologized to him. I have been dealing with my own health issues and not seeing complete freedom in my own body yet and feel that maybe I am too "Me" focused. I explained that maybe my faith wasn't where it needed to be to see his leg grow out. He was thankful either way. I was for him allowing me to pray and speak to him about the Lord a bit.

I was talking with the Lord and asking Him to help me with any doubt and unbelief I may have been in agreement with in the last little while. I was frustrated for a bit that I didn't see his healing happen right then and there. I admitted failure.

I will not give up. I have seen Him do greater things and will continue to. I will be used by Him for His glory and His kingdom! I will be a partaker of His healing in my own body and I will bring freedom to others, in His name, for His glory, for His kingdom! This will be because I love Him and I will obey Him. If I stumble I will get back up and keep going, by His grace and His power.

I am Yours Lord. Use me. I love You!! Thank You for healing and wholeness in my life, and in those around me. Thank You for salvations, deliverance, for knowing You more and growing in You!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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