Monday, December 09, 2013

Stroke effects improve - In Jesus - 12-09-2013

I went for a walk at lunch. Oh my Lord! It was cold. -34 Celcius with windchill and I didn't really dress for it. So I didn't walk as far as I usually do. If I hadn't turned back, I wouldn't have run into Jackson. He was heading my way. I noticed he had his right arm curled up at his belly and his right leg would drag the tip of his foot as he walked a step with it. I told him I pray for people and Jesus heals them and asked if I could pray for him VERY fast as it was so bitter outside. He said yes. I asked for his right hand and commanded him to be healed and all effects of the stroke to leave his body and then placed my hand on the back of his neck and did the same. I asked him to move and test it out. He said it was better. He seemed to be able to put his arm down freely. I asked him if he knew Jesus. He said he had. I told him that it would continue to improve and thanked him for letting me pray. We parted ways. I looked back and it didn't seem that the tip of his foot dragged as he stepped forward with it any longer, but still had a bit of a limp. Thank you Jesus that you don't stop for the cold! haha!

Every one of you saints can do this. No gift is needed. Only believe. Pray that the Lord would use you, keep your eyes and ears open to see who you can pray for, and He will use you! God bless you!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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