Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Jesus - Past few days - Word of knowledge, couple healings, gospel shared

Last week Friday while I was at work, I was in the middle of doing my work and I looked up at one of my co-workers who had walked past my line of sight. As he walked by, I saw a vision of him in my minds eye (as I have heard it called that before). I have never had this sort of vision before. I could best describe it as in my imagination but with my eyes open. Hard to explain and even hard to remember what it was like now just thinking about it. In the vision I saw him with his hands up in the air praising God in a church that I had attended once in 2008, in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Looking it up now on Google as I type this out, it was the Westwood Community Church. I wasn't positive that the vision was from the Lord though as I've never really experienced that type of vision before. So I just asked Holy Spirit about it and trusted that if it was from Him, I would soon have the opportunity to share it with my co-worker. I had yet to have the opportunity to talk one on one with this man. Well, today I walked past him in a hallway and just blurted out "Hey, do you know anyone in Coquitlam, BC?" He confirmed that he did. I explained why I asked him that and he said that he was a Christian as well. I explained that I did not get any impression as to why I saw the vision or what it meant, but suggested to him that maybe he would be visiting there soon or maybe moving to live there. He couldn't see how that was possible but said he would meditate about it and try to contact his friend whom he knew that lived there but hadn't spoken with for quite some time. I look forward to hearing what goes on for him. I just love that! I have been asking the Lord to be used with words of knowledge, words of wisdom and prophecy (the revelatory gifts) for a while now. I am so thankful to finally start experiencing that. More Lord!

Also last week at work, I got to pray for one of my other co-workers. She was ill with the flu and felt very nauseated. After a quick short prayer, she soon felt better and as a result I later got to share my testimony with her and who Jesus was. I just love being used by Him!

Oh yes... Last night I decided to order Pizza. The delivery driver came and while he was getting out the debit machine from his pocket I asked him if he had any pain or sickness in his body. He said no initially but after I explained why I asked, that I pray for people and Jesus heals them, he told me he had a problem with his right shoulder and was going to get an MRI done on it either this week or next week. I put through my pin number on the debit machine and then handed it to him. I asked if I could pray but he seemed a little leery and didn't outright say it was ok, so I just took the opportunity and did it anyway. While he was waiting for the machine to process the fees for the pizza, I placed my hands over his right shoulder and commanded it to be healed. I asked him to test it out and he found some improvement. I prayed again. This time getting his name and thanking the Lord for him and thanking Jesus for what He had already done and begun to do in his shoulder, then commanded healing again. He tested it again. Still some pain there. I prayed one more time and this time while testing it he had a big grin on his face and said "Oh ya, much better!" haha. You rock, JESUS!!! I got to share the gospel with him briefly and warned him of the coming judgment and that the only way to be saved was through Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son and how God sent His Son to bring restoration with the Father. That if we believe He came, died on a cross and raised from the grave and confess Him Lord with our mouths, we shall be saved. He shook his head in understanding and said that he thought he believed all that. He left shaking my hand, thanking me for the praying, and saying that it was nice to meet me.

Jesus wants to use you too. Just make yourself available, believe Him and step out. There is such JOY in being used by Him! Watch and listen to the videos or mp3's on my "Kingdom 101" tab too if you feel you need some training or activation. If anyone knows me, or would like to get to know me in my area, and would like to get together sometime to go out and pray for people in malls or hospitals or wherever, just hit me up on Facebook, or the contact tab up top and we'll set something up. Let's spread the kingdom and bring the lost to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Grace, peace and love!

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