Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awesome Testimony from Nigeria!

Hi friends,

I just wanted to share this video testimony of some crazy God miracles in Nigeria. This is so good!! Jesus is so good!!!!

I will also summarize the testimony in the video below:

150,000 people got saved!!! A glory cloud came, and it rested on about 10 lepers and when it lifted, noses, fingers, ears had grown back!!! At the words "rise up" about 30 people in wheel chairs came running to the front!!! All who were missing limbs, feet, hands, you name it, they were called to the front. About 500 people in all came to the front and ALL received new limbs!!! Praise JESUS!!!! After the conference at a pastor's house an 8 year old girl was raised from the dead!!! And there was a father there who lost his son. He drove to the morgue, got his son, and then he got raised from the dead too!!! JESUS!!!!

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