Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Some Random Talk, Mostly About God in My Life

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to make a video longer than 20 minutes so I could try figuring out how to join the raw MTS video files together successfully with the sound working right through and ended up talking for almost 1 hour. Haha! I talked about some random things but mostly of the ways God has spoken and acted in my life. I become quite vulnerable in this video and actually admit some things I normally wouldn't. This was recorded last night. And obviously, I figured out how to join those bigger raw MTS files successfully! Yay! Thank You Jesus! I recorded my 'Read by Me' scriptures video for Galatians before this and it will be published later today in about an hour or so. That one is only 20 minutes as at the time I didn't know of a successful way to join the files correctly. So glad that is figured out now. To anyone that listens right through, CHEERS to you! You are a champ. God bless you all!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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