Thursday, May 03, 2018

"Ww.... this guys...." - In Jesus - 05-03-2018

Walking home I met Gabriel who was limping and walking very slowly. He was addicted to pills and didn't "medicate" as he called it today.

I am walking home thinking about this pain in my leg and I see this slightly gangster looking young man across the street and in the distance who is limping as he walked very slowly. I think to myself, I would want someone to come up to me to heal me, so I am going to go heal him in Jesus' name, that is loving my neighbor. I got up to him and I just asked if he had pain. He said it was pain in both of his feet. I asked him if I could pray and he was ok with that. I said to him "Ok, Jesus Christ is Lord and I believe in and follow Him and He lives in me by His Spirit and when I pray for people He heals them." I asked him some more questions as to why it was there and that was when I found out he was addicted to pills. I told him I was going to pray for him and he was going to be healed and that if he wanted to be free from the addiction to pills Jesus would set him free of that too. I told him about how I used to get high on marijuana all the time and drink and was addicted to cigarettes and that the day I turned to Jesus He delivered me from the cravings for all of it. I asked him about the level of pain and he said he was in the worst pain he has ever known. I told him I would just touch his feet and I believe the pain will go. Found out his name at that time and told him mine, then bent down touched each foot for about 3 seconds each then bent back up and looked at him and asked him to test it out. I started walking and he followed me, and he says "Ww.... this guys...." kinda seeming speechless. I said "It's gone isn't it?" Haha! He seemed like he was about to cry. As I saw his reaction, so was I. As we continued to walk the way he was originally going I told him "That is Jesus. He is real and He really did die on the cross for our sins and rose from the grave so that if we repent and believe in Him He will save us and give us eternal life so we don't have to be judged for our sins and go to hell." He thanked me with a smile on his face put out his hand to shake mine and we shook hands, then I patted him on the back and told him to have a great day and carried on home. GLORY!

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