Thursday, July 21, 2016

Today in Jesus - In Jesus - 07-21-2016

So, I was walking through the building I work in on my way outside for my first break this AM and there was a ton of people with walkers, canes, etc, Wow, I am amazed how many people get on the trains who are dealing with health issues. Good place to hit up if you are looking to share the gospel of the kingdom. Transportation hubs. Not sure if you'd get kicked out or not though, haha. I don't usually approach too many in big crowds like that. Sometimes, but not usually. But I was walking out the door and ahead of me was these two Native men. I got beside one of them as we exited and he was holding out his left arm flexing his hand and wrist and said "Wow". I noticed and said to him "Do you have pain in your arm?" He says, "Ya, my left arm." I said "Can I show you something?" as I put out my hand as if to grab his arm and he just moves his left arm toward me so willingly, not even saying yes or no, haha. I put my hand around his forearm and just said "Pain go, right now." I took my hand off and said "Ok, check it out. It's gone, isn't it?" He moves his hand and wrist and says the swear word for feces (You know it, haha) and asks what I did. The other guy with him just laughs. I told them "That was Jesus. He lives inside of me and He just healed you." And told them "He did that to show you that He is real, that if you would repent and believe in Him, you know turn from your sins and follow Him, you would be saved. He would come and live inside of you by His Spirit. He wants to have relationship with you and He wants you to be restored to God" They were walking away from me while I was telling them this so I just left it at that. The guy who got healed said thank you and we continued on our respective ways.

I then approached another man who was hobbling along the bridge, and looked like he had hip pain, but he didn't even acknowledge I was there as I said hello to him. It was as if I was invisible.

At lunchtime while walking near the cathedral I met up with a woman named Yvette who seemed to have a little bit of a limp. I asked if she had pain in her body and followed up her response with a question about what level it was at. She said she had just had surgery on her knee and the pain was about a 4 out of 10. I told her I pray for people and Jesus heals them and asked if it was ok to pray for her, which she was ok with, and then asked if I could put my hand on her knee, in which she was also ok with. That's when I found out her name and gave her mine and shook her hand. I figure if I am going to be so intimate with someone as to put my hand on their knee they should at least know my name, haha, kidding. :) I put my hand on her knee for about 5 seconds saying "Knee be healed right now in the name of Jesus, pain go." and then asked her to check for the pain while I started walking slowly forward expecting she would follow and see. She did, and after a few steps she says "It seems pretty good." with a smile on her face. I asked "Ya? No pain at all?" She said "No." I asked her if she knew Jesus and she said she did. A lot of the time I'll ask people who say they know Him if they have the Holy Spirit, if they believe they have been born again. So I did that with her. She said "No, I wouldn't says so, or go that far." I shared with her about how Jesus said that no one enters the kingdom unless they are born again and explained a little about what receiving His Spirit was, who He was and why He was sent. I was on lunch so really I am quite limited in the amount of time I can spend with people. I just left it up to her to pursue, or for the Lord to bring it all about. She thanked me and I asked about the pain again as she seemed to limp a little still, but she said it was still gone. And I headed back to work. I cut short my walk a little so I could spent the time with her that I did.

On my afternoon break I met another woman by the bridge who had said she had pain in her foot from a stress fracture, but after I told her I pray for people and Jesus heals them, to which she initially said yes to my request to pray for her, but then when confirming which foot it was she says, "Actually, you know what? My sister does that too. So really, no, that's ok." And then put her hand up toward me like a big red stop sign and turned and walked away.

I headed back into work after that last break and spoke with a fellow I work with who has a wheelchair right now. He was away for a couple months as he was dealing with diabetes issues. Previously had to get part of his foot amputated and this last time was dealing with pain in his knee and not being able to walk well because of that. I had seen him the first day he was back and prayed for him really quickly and he mentioned the next day that it was better. Then today seemed to be bad again. I prayed again (Just lightly touching his knee and commanding his knee to be healed in Jesus' name and the diabetes to go) and then talked with him a little more about the gospel. As he sat there next to my desk in his wheelchair and I spoke of forgiveness of sins and receiving God's righteousness through faith in Jesus and Him taking our sin nature away, and encouraging him about how Jesus can even cause his foot to grow back, he said it was getting better as we spoke and he was also feeling better himself as a whole. I have been believing for him to be healed from the diabetes from before he had to get the front of his foot amputated (grrrr!). Would love you to join me in that too. He thanked me and I got back to work.

On my walk home I approached a man who rejected me because he said he had just seen his physician and had his acupuncture and his issue was healing well. I told him that Jesus is better at that than acupuncture is and he said "Oh ya?" but clearly didn't want any of what I was offering. I wished him a good day and carried on home.

Glory to King Jesus!!!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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