Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wrist pain - In Jesus - 06-25-2015

On one of my breaks tonight I saw two young men sitting and talking at the skate park. One had a wrist brace on his left, the other had a tensor bandage on his right wrist. I walked up to them and just pointed at their wrists and explained how I noticed they had those things on their wrists and asked them if they had pain. You will be amazed at how freely people will talk about their wounds with total strangers and not even question it. Very few are so guarded.

The one with the tensor bandage said yes, the other said no, but just when he falls on it, and explained how he had pins and a plate in it and was restricted in movement. I then told them that I pray for people and Jesus heals them and was looking at the one with the tensor bandage as I felt he would probably be more responsive. Just then another skater rolled up and said, "Hey, you did that last year to me." I sort of recognized him as the young man, Alex, that I had made a video of here: Jesus takes away knee pain.

He definitely looked older though, so I qualified my thinking by pointing at the exact spot we met and asked if that was them smoking pot over there that one time. He said ya, that was me. He mentioned that he hurt his wrist though, not his knee. Maybe too much pot, haha. The funny thing is, before this young man, Alex, said this, the guy I thought would be more responsive didn't really look that way after hearing about me praying for people, but then after Alex mentioned the time I prayed for him, he was totally open to the idea. This very same thing happened in the video with Alex. He initially didn't want me to, but once his friend encouraged him to because something similar happened to him, he was ok with it.

The other guy I could tell wanted nothing to do with it, but he continued to sit there and listen. Julian was the name of the young man with the tensor bandage. I found out from Julian that the pain was a 2 or 3 out of 10 just sitting there. He let me pray, so I put one of my hands under his then the other over and commanded his wrist to be healed and the pain to go in Jesus' name. I could see the other young man smiling away thinking it was all funny. Julian said the pain had reduced some so I prayed again, and it came down yet again. He said he could still feel a little bit though. I pointed at the specific spot one more time but it wouldn't go completely. I asked Julian what he thought about it and he wasn't sure. I then shared the gospel with Julian. He listened mostly but was a little distracted by Alex. He did hear most of it though and afterwards seemed genuinely thankful for the prayer and the things to think about. I asked the other young man if I could pray for him and told him about how I know Jesus can even take away the metal in his wrist and restore full mobility but he said no, he was good. If I had more time I would have offered to pray for Alex again too but I thought I should return to work.

Jesus is Lord!!!

I'm going to start sharing more testimonies. I stopped for a long time. I know they encourage me to see what God does through others, so I shouldn't hold back what God might do through others by sharing what He does through me.

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works Hebrews 10:24

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!


  1. I have read and seen your testimonies, what Jesus has done through your life, have encouraged me!
    In Christ Simplicio souza.

    1. I am glad they encouraged you. Jesus is awesome and He deserves the honor and glory. Thank You Lord. Continue to use us for your glory!