Sunday, September 14, 2014

I know - In Jesus - 09-14-2014

I was on my way home after going for a late evening walk in the park and felt the desire for a chicken sandwich. I haven't purchased fast food in what seems like a very long time. I went to this one McDonald's that is sort of out of the way from being on the way home and after looking over the menu board decided to order a grilled chicken and bacon wrap.

I paid for my sandwich and as I waited for the wrap to be ready I noticed the other team member of the girl who served me inside the store and she had a tensor bandage around her right hand. I got excited and immediately started to ask the Lord to make her bring my sandwich over instead. Haha. Well, she didn't bring it, but once the girl who served me brought the sandwich I asked her "Hey does your team member have a sore hand why she has the bandage on it?" She said that she did. I said "Can you ask her if I can pray for it to be healed?" She was a little surprised at my request and asked me to repeat myself. I repeated myself and she said "Ok, sure."

She called the other girl over to the window and said, "This guy wants to pray for you for your hand to get better." The girl with the tensor bandage on said "No no, that's ok." while shaking her head no. I said "Come on. Please. It will be really quick. I'll just take your hand and it will be a few seconds." She conceded and proceeded to come closer to the drive thru window. I said, "Ok, so just give me your hand" and she did. I grabbed it with my left hand and then asked about how much pain there was. She said it really didn't hurt, but that she just put the bandage on to keep it all together. Whatever that meant? haha. She then told me about how she slammed it in a door, then pulled her hand away from mine and pointed with her left hand to the middle of her right hand between the thumb and index finger, then reached back to grab my hand again. I said "Oh ok, but you will feel it if you press on it, right? You can feel the pain then, right?" She said "Yes."

She then said, "Ok, go ahead." meaning for me to pray for her. I thought for a second then shook my head and said "Well, I believe it is already better. Press on it and see if you can tell if it is." She did so and then said, "You know, it actually is." I said, "I know. See, the Bible says believers lay hands on the sick and they recover. I am a believer in Jesus and He lives inside of me. Because I believe in Him and asked Him to be my Lord and Savior, He came to live inside of me. And He does that through believers. He came and died on a cross then rose from the grave so that you could be restored to God. So that if you believe in Him, He will come and live inside of you too."

She started giving me a little bit of a look where she didn't really seem to want to hear it, so I just said, "I don't know if that's what you believe or not, but that is the truth. He healed people when He was on the earth to show people that He was who He said He was, that He really came from the Father. And He does that through believers today, so that others will believe." She said, "Ok, well thank you for doing that for me. It really is better." I said, "I know." and drove off thanking the Lord for using me. Haha. I love it! JESUS!!!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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