Sunday, April 20, 2014

"That is weird, It's gone now." - In Jesus - 04-19-2014

At my work lunch break tonight I asked the Lord to use me to bring Himself glory. Moments later I walked past the skate park and saw a young man wipe out on his skateboard. He continued to lay on his back after wiping out and others rushed toward him to see if he was ok. I walked over there too but by the time I reached him he was sitting up between two of his friends.

I asked if he was ok and if he had injured himself. He said that he hit his head and had hurt his left arm but only felt pain in his arm. I explained that I pray for people and Jesus heals them and asked if I could pray for him. He welcomed the idea. After introducing myself and finding out his name (Hayden), I asked him to point to where the pain was on his arm and told him that I would just put my finger there and pray. He pointed near his elbow and I put my right index finger lightly on his arm then commanded all pain to go in the name of Jesus Christ. They laughed and looked at each other as I said "Jesus Christ" as I assume they were probably more used to this term being used as a curse, instead of it as the name of our Great God and King. I asked him how it was and he said "That is weird. It's gone now."

I explained the gospel to the three young men and found that one of them professed to believe in Jesus already and that he prayed to Him everyday. I got to share with him about how he could do the same thing I just did and the same things that Jesus did too (John 14:12).

I thanked Hayden for letting me pray and made sure he knew what to do if he wanted to follow Jesus.

The 3rd young man was quite the joker and made me laugh a few times. He asked if I had attended Gimli bible camp when I was young as he wanted me to know that he had just attended there last year.

The young man who said he was a believer was hitting his friend Hayden's arm saying "Is the pain really gone?" and Hayden just brushed him off saying "Yes."

It was a really great situation. I walked away from them and after I got about 20 yards away, they yelled out to me "Hey man! Peace dude!" and waved bye to me. Haha. I walked away feeling so intoxicated by the Holy Spirit. I felt His great pleasure in that situation. I enjoyed it too!

Thank You Lord for using me! I trust that those seeds will be watered and fruit to eternal life will be the result.

Glory to You King Jesus!!!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!


  1. Awesome. The Lord will bless you brother. Happy Easter.

  2. Thank you brother. Happy Easter to you and Ahava too!