Thursday, October 31, 2013

Unclean Spirit Causing Back Pain Leaves - In Jesus - 10-30-2013

During my shift at work tonight, I overheard one of my Jewish co-workers complain a couple times about his back killing him. I wanted to pray for his healing and waited for the best time. During the shift I started to feel a pain in my lower left side of my back and thought maybe it was a word of knowledge.

As our shifts ended, I noticed he was hanging out talking with another Jewish co-worker about some religious topics. I approached them and listened for a bit, then asked him if his back was still hurting him. He said it was, and really badly. I asked if it was the lower left side to see if the pain I had was indeed a word of knowledge. It turned out the pain was actually his whole back and mostly the upper portion. I guess I just had a pain earlier, haha.

I asked him if I could pray for him. He said sure and that he would really appreciate that. I asked if I could pray right then. I could tell he thought I meant later while I was by myself. He said, yes to that as well. I asked to put my hand on his shoulder and he obliged me by turning his back toward me. I put my hand on his back and commanded the pain to go, and his back to be healed in the name of Jesus.

As this was going on, I noticed a few other co-workers that were still working around us glancing to see what was going on. I asked if the pain was gone. He said it was still there and said maybe it would leave later. He mentioned that he thought that it felt like a demon was grabbing onto him and squeezing. He also mentioned how he had seen a psychic a while ago and how the psychic asked him if he was dealing with back pain. The psychic told him to drink lots of water.

I said that I thought it could be a spirit afflicting him and asked if I could pray again. He let me. Again placing my hand on his back I commanded any unclean spirits to leave him, commanding all pain to go, in Jesus' name. He turned around and with a bit of surprise, said that he felt very peaceful and euphoric, relating it to the feeling he had after eating a hot pepper. haha. I explained that Jesus was known as the Prince of peace and sometimes wherever He is there is peace. I asked about the pain. He said that for now it was all gone! GLORY!

I shared the gospel with him briefly, about how Jesus did those same things when He walked the earth, healing the sick, to testify that what He was saying was true. And He still does those same things today. That He was the Son of God who came to die for our sins and rose from the grave, that He came to restore us to God. Explaining that He took our sins upon Himself as well as our sickness and diseases. Quoting to him part of Isaiah 53:4 and 1 Peter 2:24.

He was very thankful and said that he thought that I must have a very good connection to God as what I was doing seemed to work. I explained that He wanted that for all of us.

We parted ways and I left so high on the love of God! I went for a walk and just worshiped Father, Spirit and Son, weeping while listening to Harvest Parker's new album Curtains. Which is sooooooo awesome and you HAVE to get it! haha. Seriously good. I felt like I was being raptured as I walked and worshiped!

Thank You Jesus!!!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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