Saturday, May 04, 2013

In Jesus - 05-04-2013

Tonight Trevor and I went to Walmart. First we met a woman who had just had surgery on her right hand for carpal tunnel syndrome. It was all bandaged up. She said there was some pain. She let Trevor pray. He put his hand on hers and spoke to it and I stood in agreement. The pain left and she seemed quite surprised. I saw a young lady filming us as we prayed. She walked to her after we finished. I guess it was her daughter. I wonder if she knew that she just filmed a little miracle done by the King of kings, Jesus Christ.

Trevor had also noticed a woman in a motorized chair in one of the check out lines. We were on our way out, so we waited outside for her to exit the store. Once she came out, we found that she had arthritis in her left hip, nerve damage in her feet with pain, only had one kidney and diabetes. In Jesus' name, we commanded all the infirmity and pain to leave her, as well, we commanded a new kidney to be created and the other to be healed. I could tell that while we prayed she was feeling the Holy Spirit as she was slowly leaning backward. She reported the pain was almost all gone. Just a little was left in her right foot. She said she was feeling good, and very light headed. haha. We commanded the rest of the pain to go in Jesus' name and it did. By this time, her husband had already pulled up in a truck with a younger man driving. They waited as we prayed. Once we were done, we spoke to her husband and the driver of the truck. Her husband had pain in his right knee. He let us pray for that too. The pain left. He was very thankful. They were both believers. I gave him a little hug and he shook our hands as we parted ways.

Thank you Jesus!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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