Wednesday, February 06, 2013

How to heal the sick - Jason Chin -

Hello friends and family! I just wanted to share a recent video and the website of a brother in Christ named Jason Chin. His website is and it is very encouraging and informative. It is geared toward discipling Christians in how to walk in the supernatural love of Jesus to impact the world and bring the lost to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Also, please check out his video series called 'In My Shoes'. He was asked by the Holy Spirit a while back to share videos of his everyday, raw experiences when stepping out to love on people in the Lord. He posts experiences where he sees the Lord touch the persons being ministered to powerfully, and experiences where nothing appears to happen at all. It is encouraging to those just starting out to see that you might not be the only one to experience situations where it appears as if nothing happened once you have stepped out to love on someone. So, be encouraged and stirred on to love and good works! Hebrews 10:24

Also, here is Jason Chin's Bio.

Grace, peace, and love!

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