Tuesday, November 01, 2011

"No, I'm just a disciple of Jesus"

I went out today and stopped at the Bank to grab some cash. I came out after using the instant teller and saw a man walking toward me who was walking with noticeable pain.

I said "You look like a man in pain. What happened?"

He replied "My arthritis is really acting up."

I said "Here, let me show you something. Give me your hand."

Holding out my hand he grabbed it and I commanded pain and arthritis to leave in Jesus' name. Asking him to test it out, he said it felt better but it was not completely gone.

He started to walk away and I said "Wait a sec. lets get rid of it completely."

He turned back and I repeated the same commanding prayer but also thanked the Lord for his healing and what He was already doing.

He said "Wow, it's so much better! What did you do? Are you an apostal or something?" (That's not a spelling mistake, he said it like that, haha)

I said "No, I'm just a disciple of Jesus."

He had a weird sorta look on his face and turned to walk away in a rush. haha.

Jesus, You are so cool!!! Thank you for living through me!!!

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