About Us

My name is Christopher. I am the founder of Vehement Flame Ministries.

I am in Jesus Christ and I love Him!

My Brief Testimony:

From an early age I always believed in God. My mother used to take us to church as children but for the most part, I was very rebellious and didn't want anything to do with Him. I did however at one time, at about the age of 5 or 6, ask the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart during an altar call at a service of the Salvation Army church that we were attending. I didn't really understood what I was doing though, and was not sincere, as I continued in my ways as a rebellious, lost soul.

It wasn't until 1992 at the age of 19 when that really changed. After graduation from high school, on a vacation trip in Miami Florida, I was very aware of the emptiness inside of me, and knew of my need for a Savior. He was calling my name and wooing me to Him. One of those nights in Miami, as I was listening to a man preaching on the gospel of Jesus Christ through a shortwave radio, I took the invitation I heard to ask the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart and life once again. While there was a very real change in me, as I believe I truly became born again at that time, I was still very immature and later fell away from the Lord in 1996.

10 years later, after a failed marriage and some health problems, I again heard His call and gave in to the wooing of this wonderful, merciful, gracious, patient God that we have, and dedicated my life to Him once again. He came through and healed me of the health issues, and by doing so, astounded me by His supernatural ability and willingness to touch a life that was basically distant, and unconcerned with Him and His plans. I have been running after Him ever since, by His grace and His ability to hold me, growing in Him, and seeking to make Him known. He is so kind to me, even when I truly don't deserve it. He continues to call me to His righteousness and ignites my heart aflame with love for Him.

Today, June 12, 2013, Vehement Flame Ministries has been founded. We seek to make God known by loving Him and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

Today, We Begin.

Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; For love is as strong as death, jealousy as cruel as the grave; Its flames are flames of fire, A most vehement flame. Many waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drown it. If a man would give for love all the wealth of his house, it would be utterly despised. Song of Solomon 8:6-7